Friday, 24 September 2010

Exciting Changes Ahead

Things have been busy in the studio with the re-design of my website and blog. Now that the html and CSS pain is slowly subsidingI'm very excited about the site's forthcoming facelift and the prospect of integrating my blog into the website.
This means my blog address will change, but to make the move worth your while, I'm planning a few exciting additions to the blog.
The main change will be that I intend to start featuring the work of a variety of talented paper artists. I have been in touch with some skilful illustrators who create hand-made 3D designs, and they have agreed to provide an insight into their world of crafty illustrations and 3D creations. So I'm looking forward to some fun interviews with great people. 

Finally I would also like to add a support section to assist new and emerging paper artists, providing links to helpful websites and in the long run - reviews of business books which I found helpful when setting up my own business.
So there's lots to look forward to and I hope to welcome you to my new website soon. I hope everything will be ready to reveal around the beginning of October.

Above my new updated twitter site, which offers a little sneak preview of my new design.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Friday, 10 September 2010

Holiday Hottie

You may have noticed that my weekly blog post was missing last Friday. It wasn't pure laziness that kept me away, but a lovely camping holiday in the beautiful south of England. 
And as so much spare time screams for a leisurely craft activity I dug out some wool which I had left over from something I had knitted for my niece. So while marvelling at the wonderful green hills in front of me and sipping milky tea in truest Miss Marple fashion I got my knitting needles going. Below are a few pictures of the result.