Friday, 27 August 2010

How To Make Storage Boxes That Protect Your Props And Save Space

Some of you may have the same problem I had with my props and sets: you create something you may want to re-use, but when the time comes around, it is damaged, bent or broken.
Well, not any longer. Here is a quick way to store things neatly, in limited space.

To create these practical boxes, start by measuring the available space your items will need to fit into (width, height and depth). This could be a shelf or, as shown here, a bigger storage box. Decide how best to break the space down, keeping in mind the size of the objects you would like to store. 

I decided to make a separate box to store the items from each project. I planned to fill the available space with, first, several boxes of the same size (large enough to work well for most projects). I then moved on to planning smaller boxes, which would fill out the rest of my bigger storage box, and would work better for projects with smaller or fewer items. If you have more shelving space and don't need to use every tiny corner, you may want to buy some ready-made boxes and just insert some partitions to divide up the space inside each box.

Now you need to make your boxes. Get plenty of foam board and steel sewing needles (sewing pins with big heads aren't suitable for this) and start cutting and assembling. When joining the box sides together, push the needles into the foam board at a c. 40 degree angle. This will make the boxes more durable and also prevent the needles from coming out again. You can secure the corners with tape as well as needles (but my boxes were so small that I didn't think this was necessary).

Add some partitions to divide up the space inside each box if desired. This stops items bumping up against each other, and also keeps them separate and organised, so that the box contents can be seen in one glance. If you use ready-made boxes you may want to stick the partitions into place with double-sided tape instead of using needles.
I didn't add partitions into the box containing the dolls house furniture as these objects are equally heavy and snuggle neatly into the box. This means they can't move around and damage each other.
The boxes with more fragile props are divided into smaller compartments. 

Use tape to add a lid to your box, and elastic or ribbon to keep it closed.

OPTION: Use the same technique to make a gift box!
Make a box, as described above and cover the finished box into coloured paper or gift wrap.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Build your own bike!

I'm currently working on an illustration about cycling and thought I would share some images of the creative process with you.
I'll be off today moving boxes, as my boyfriend and I are moving into our new flat! Needless to say I'm very excited.
I hope you all have a lovely Friday and a wonderful weekend.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Good luck!

Yesterday afternoon I allowed myself to be briefly diverted from my current long-term project. I really felt like doing something quick and couldn't wait to get my scalpel going.

I had made this little pattern earlier and used it in my map illustration (see previous blog entry). I really liked the way the pattern turned out on the green paper and was burning to do something else with it.

And as I also like little things, I decided to make a small box with some good wishes inside. I couldn't make up my mind which contrasting colour I liked best, so I made one with a dark green and one with a dark purple. Both are now for sale in my etzy shop, so feel free to take a look.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The Making Of: "A Map of the Middle Ages"

The Making Of:  "A Map of the Middle Ages"

I felt very honoured when the talented Mr. Adam Hayes invited me to create an illustration for his map project. He asked various accomplished illustrators to create 'a map of where you belong'. All images can be seen on his map blog.

The inspiration for my image was the fact that my boyfriend and I recently bought a flat together.
When I was little I thought that all people over 30 were middle-aged and had massive sideboards full of crystal vases in their living rooms. 
Instead I find myself discussing floor plans and happily planning 'the autumn of my life'.

Below are a few pictures showing how I made the house for my image.

Making the structure of the house out of foam board.

Adding shingles to the roof.

Adding details to the awning...

... and the chimney.

Friday, 6 August 2010

ContainerPLUS Jacky now live!

teamed up with my friends at ContainerPLUS and together we have created an online shop. 
We are currently selling small items of jewellery, badges and bags.

I just shipped the first item sold in our opening special which was a purse (I wrote about these before - see "Pocket or Purse?"together with a free hand-printed tote bag.
ContainerPLUS have created some adorable fabric badges. Dorothy the deer and Hector the horse are looking for companions - and not just for the summer.

So if you are interested, make sure you don't lose time as things are selling fast.